Saturday, May 20, 2017

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I should have taken them all, taken them all... dumb


Melissa had a show in philly today, they had a bunch of foodtrucks lined up. We decided to try the ones that were smaller, not as snazzy and not getting that many customers.
First was 2 Street Sammies
$7 Roasted pulled pork w/broccoli rabe italian long hot peppers and prov mozz cheddar w/ bourbon bbq sauce 
Everything in this sandwich was amazing, really enjoyed the bread it was served on too. Pork was moist, rabe wasnt bitter, everything went together really well and just tasted perfect. People missed out if they didnt get a chance to try it
Second was Bolsa Tacos
$9 ($3 each) Steak Chicken Pork
Hard to mess up tacos and they didnt. Nothing really to say except they tasted good and everything was fresh.

"did you order a code red? answer me! did you order a code red, you want the truth you cant handle the truth. Thats my Nicholson, I do it when I play golf"

drive around and just use the theater of the mind. Very underrated movie, if you think otherwise, then you're a crazzzyy boyyy.

After getting laid off [2016]

When I lost my job at brigantine, one of the things I did while looking for a new job was donate my time at the rescue mission. Honestly one of the best things I think I ever experienced. The first week I started, I worked 3 days in a row, the following week I found a job. Melissa and I donated our time there but recently we havent had the time to go back. These are the 60 cakes we cut up one time.
if you get a chance, take the orientation and sign up.

Cupcake down

Bye Bye Fishtown

We bought a house in May and are currently living there. No more trying to find a parking spot for an hour, no more car damage, no more 1 1/2 hour drive but I will miss Whipped bakery.

Got it


A lot of these post are going to be out of order, so if you see a post about summer, then a post about two winters ago, dont be surprised, thanks.

nice surprise

came back from taking a turd break
da best, the little things honestly mean so much and she is full of them. She knows how to make me feel loved.

Yocco's Hot Dogs [Allentown, PA]

Melissa had a show in Allentown and we were driving around looking for a place to eat. Saw this place and had to try it
first off, the mascot is hands down boss, very good marketing.
when we went inside they had a ton of history all over the walls
Heres the low down on the wieners.
It was good, not amazing just good.. I would def eat there again
I asked if they sold shirts and they said we had to set up an appointment, go to the corporate office and bring exact change. Its a hike and a half away, so Melissa and I made the trip about 3 months later.
One person inside, she took our money and walked in another back office. When she was back there I took a picture of this giant statue in the main office.
Rules. The shirt isnt as cool as the old mascot but you know what, Im glad we both got one