Friday, December 8, 2017

We Went On A Cruise [More Updates Later Just Pics]

Stories About all the pics soon... probably not.. but who even looks at this this anymore anyway

Cow-a-bunker... get it?

Was at work and started seeing all these hoof prints all over the greens and in bunkers
I told my boss that someone was riding a space horse course to course (dumb). He came out and said that the prints werent from a horse but a giant deer. So two days later I see this on the cart path
Thats no deer dookie. We started hearing reports that there was a cow running around that escaped from a rodeo. I was sad cause I didnt get to see it and thought I never would. Until this happened.
He just ran away after I approached him. Hes still on the loose, hope he survives the winter out there!

I make Melissas lunch/1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Zen

I try to make her napkin wacky doodle dandy

8th Street Vulture Festive Occasion

Eating a dead raccoon in the road, waiting for me to drive off.

Downtown Trashecon

Was walking down New Jersey Ave in Absecon the other day. Theres this closed convenient store and they had this in the window.
Someone built this thinking it was a brilliant idea to hold their lolly stock.
To be honest Im not sure why it grosses me out so much. The shit paint job and all the sporadic holes just anger me but also give me an uncomfortable feeling.
Bad ideas

Trashed Food

I was talking to Borna awhile ago and I suggested an art project idea. Call it Trashed Food. Buy very expensive and inexpensive meals. Throw them on the ground or in a toilet. List the price and everything that came with the meal.
yea he said it was a terrible idea too.